Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Of the various ways I work with clients to connect them with Higher Guidance, the process I have found most useful, especially during initial sessions - is a channeled reading from their Akashic Records.
So, What Exactly Are The Akashic Records? 
The “Akashic Records” are the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. They contain the recording of each Soul's journey from its inception to the present, and point to possibilities for great spiritual development. 
The Akashic Field is referenced in most religions of the world sometimes by different names. For example, in the bible, it is referred to as the “Book of Life” 
With permission of the client, a Sacred Pathway Prayer is used to open their Records,

And Why Should You Care? 
In response to inquiries on any issue occurring in a client’s life, information from their personal Records is channeled with honor, integrity, and love, meant only to assist each of them in healing and in growing, both personally and spiritually. 
To a large extent, the client’s openness determines what happens during a session - questions asked determine the depth of response received.

All counsel given during a reading is completely confidential. 

Here are few client responses after receiving a reading:

Han's Akashic Record session was the most helpful psychic reading I've ever received. It came at a transition point in my life, giving me much needed clarity as to my direction and the next steps for getting there. Thank you so much, Han, for your valuable support. Mercedes Kirkel

Han's reading of my Akashic Records was poignant, concise and got to the heart of each and very question I asked. I completed the session with a clear sense of what to do now to move forward and ever upward. Han is truly a gifted Akashic reader. Lynn Kirkham

Han is a master at clearly seeing the Akashic Records, then interpreting them accurately and compassionately. His gifts assisted me through a "tight turn" in my personal growth. I am thankful he was there with his wisdom, warmth and clarity. Jan Cercone 

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