Tuesday, September 16, 2014

POLITICAL DECISIONS FROM THE HEART - Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of Richmond, CA

* How did Richmond, CA go from being a Chevron company town to the most Progressive City in the San Francisco Bay Area?

* Why is it so difficult for politicians to make decisions from the heart, even ones who are well meaning?
Why is the upcoming election critical in preventing Chevron manipulation of the democratic process, and returning Richmond to the past where they always got what they wanted, regardless of public safety concerns and increased environmental pollution?

* What does it mean to raise human consciousness as a public official?

These and other important issues are addressed in my (16 min) interview with Gayle McLaughlin, the Mayor of Richmond, California

Gayle McLaughlin has been Mayor of the City of Richmond, California for the past 10 years. She will be running for Richmond City Council in the next election. Under her stewardship, Richmond has undergone a remarkable transformation, garnering national attention as the most progressive city in the San Francisco Bay Area, brave enough to take bold and innovative approaches to chronic problems

*Richmond residents are now experiencing increasing publiic services and a higher quality of life

* Homicide rates have decreased by 66 per cent
* Lawrence Berkeley National Lab chose Richmond for it’s second campus

* Chevron Refinery was pressured into a $114 million tax settlement and sued by the City for the damage to property and public health caused by their disastrous fire of 2012

Mayor McLaughlin obviously makes important political decisions from the heart. During her years is office, she worked tirelessly to prevent attacks by Chevron, Wall Street, and all those people and organizations that put profit before people.

This (16 min) interview is available for immediate listening on line or to download in mp3 format at: 


We hope you learn from this important interview, and will pass it on to anyone you know who lives in Richmond. Once they hear it, they’ll know who to vote for in the upcoming election.

To learn more about Mayor Gayle McLaughlin go to:  www.gayleforcouncil.net

And to learn more about Team Richmond, go to: www.teamrichmond.net

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Robert “Han” BIshop (9-16-14)

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Robert “Han” BIshop, Ph.D. / Producer and Host

Monday, September 15, 2014


Early in the Day
 Several years ago, in the midst of intensive shamanic training in Peru, I learned a powerful lesson about trusting Spirit, regardless of what form Oneness chooses to appear.

Before leaving the USA, I had an intuition that something quite profound would happen involving horses. This became more real than I ever imagined,

We were participating in two sacred plant medicine ceremonies with an Andean shaman. These were done in very powerful places, and great transformative effects were being felt in the lives of all 20 participants
Late Afternoon - Approaching the Pass (we thought)
                          Between the two ceremonies, we traveled together on horseback over a 16,000 foot (5,300 meters) pass high in the Peruvian Andes.

It was an incredible experience for all of us. The Andean mountain scenery was spectacular and the weather was beautiful.

However, due to a major delay in starting we had to cross this pass at night, and it became very cold and dangerous. The ecstatic adventure of the day turned into a harrowing & life threatening event.

We were exhausted from long hours in the saddle, suffering from the very high altitude, and some of us were becoming hypothermic.The Peruvian guides with us confessed that they were lost, and the only being with us that knew the way was a donkey. 

Somehow the horses instinctively knew to follow the donkey but as it became darker It was increasingly difficult for even the horses to see, and people started getting hurt. Several fell from their horses - some into icy cold streams that we continually had to cross. Many of us began to see visions of ghostly spirits riding with us.
In my own case, I was exhausted, extremely cold, and afraid for my life. I knew that I could do nothing but trust in Moro, the horse I was riding. Without him, I might not survive.

By the grace of Spirit and the mutual help we gave to each other, everyone made it, even though it seemed for a time that some of us might be injured seriously or even die.

We were immensely grateful to the great Apu (mountain god) for allowing us passage, and to our horses for carrying us to safety.

 I owe my life to Moro, and I thank the great Horse Spirit for my time with him. I am deeply in his debt.

As the saying goes "All is well that ends well". Later in retrospect, we all realized that our harrowing journey across the mountains was yet another step in the great transformative process of our learning together.

Han & Moro

And more importantly, I learned a most valuable lesson in trusting Spirit, this time in the form of a horse named Moro.

Robert "Han" Bishop (9-15-14)

The Great APU (Mountain God)