Friday, August 26, 2011


For thousands of years, shamans (medicine men & women) have healed people and transformed reality with seemingly magical powers that only they were able to access.
Traditionally, indigenous people became shamans in one of three ways:

* Receiving their “knowing” directly from Spirit

*Apprenticing with a master shaman for many years

* Being born into a family of shamans or growing up in a shamanic culture

Within their magical understanding of reality, shaman’s speak of sacred journeys to the Spirit Worlds where they retrieve parts of a person’s soul (or essence) that has been lost. Shamans connect with Spirit Guides for guidance in the use of plants and crystals to heal. Their spirit world journeys (whether through drumming rituals or ingesting plant medicine) are often accompanied by Power Animals who serve as  allies and protectors. The shamans then return with knowledge for healing, or about events to come which can then be used for prophesy, or even to alter future circumstances. 
Countless stories of amazing, seemingly miraculous healings and events involving shamans are part and parcel of the lore of almost every indigenous culture 
In my own shamanic training and practice, I too have encountered magical, miraculous and wondrous healing experiences in the realms beyond the three dimensional universe we all perceive as real. However, much of what I experienced in sacred journeys always seemed shrouded in mystery. “How and why did the magic occur?” and “Was it really real?” were questions often asked.
However, Quantum Physics has brought a new understanding to the nature of reality. Now-famous experiments within this discipline have demonstrated that at the most subtle levels of manifestation, focused attention and intention can change form and substance. Physicists now recognize and accept what has been understood by mystics since ancient times -  that there exists a “matrix field” in which everything manifest is connected.
From this scientific validation of ancient understanding, there is emerging within the field of vibrational (or energy) medicine, powerful healing modalities that directly “connect” practitioners with this “field” and allow instantaneous healings to occur. 

What seemed miraculous, and only within the capabilities of highly skilled and powerful shamans in times past, can now be done by ordinary people. 
 Such modalities as Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment and Theta Healing all make use of this understanding in highly effective ways, although each has its own unique process for doing so. Scientific validation also makes such esoteric, cutting edge practices more acceptable by people in the mainstream, and consequently has generated great interest within the medical & healing community altogether.
This new “scientific” understanding in no way negates shamanism or the value of learning traditional shamanic healing practices. It only validates and helps to explain how shamans have been able to serve their communities so effectively for centuries.
In my own counseling and healing work I use both traditional shamanic and modern quantum approaches to healing as needed. One is not superior to the other. Rather,it is more about resonance with the client in meeting whatever challenges are presented. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Robert “Han” Bishop  (8-26-11)

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm an avid motorcycle rider who enjoys this exhilarating activity whenever the weather is fine, and I have time to do so.

However, I was inspired to send this message to all of you after a disturbing incident that occurred while riding last Sunday. I was exiting a parking lot, when suddenly a big red SUV driven by a young woman swerved in front of me from another lane going the same direction. When I pulled next to her and asked if she had seen me crossing the road, the woman completely ignored me and drove on her way without a word. 
I have learned to take such actions in stride, as people have all sorts of notions about riders, and one of the first rules of riding is to "ride like you are invisible" because in fact, most people do not even see us. 
So here is my message to all of you and "10 Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know about Motorcycles".

                             PLEASE READ
* Over half of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. Most of the time, the motorist, not the motorcyclist, is at fault. There are a lot more cars and trucks than motorcycles on the road, and some drivers don't "recognize" a motorcycle - they ignore it (usually unintentionally).

*Because of its small size, a motorcycle can be easily hidden in a car's blind spots (door/roof pillars) or masked by objects or backgrounds outside a car (bushes, fences, bridges, etc). Take an extra moment to look for motorcycles, whether you're changing lanes or turning at intersections.

*Because of its small size, a motorcycle may look farther away than it is. It may also be difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed. When checking traffic to turn at an intersection or into (or out of) a driveway, predict a motorcycle is closer than it looks.

Motorcyclists often slow by downshifting or merely rolling off the throttle, thus not activating the brake light. Allow more following distance, say 3 or 4 seconds. At intersections, predict a motorcyclist may slow down without visual warning.

Motorcyclists often adjust position within a lane to be seen more easily and to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles, and wind. Understand that motorcyclists adjust lane position for a purpose, not to be reckless or show off or to allow you to share the lane with them.

Turn signals on a motorcycle usually are not self-canceling, thus some riders (especially beginners) sometimes forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change. Make sure a motorcycle's signal is for real.

Maneuverability is one of a motorcycle's better characteristics, especially at slower speeds and with good road conditions, but don't expect a motorcyclist to always be able to dodge out of the way.

*Stopping distance for motorcycles is nearly the same as for cars, but slippery pavement makes stopping quickly difficult. Allow more following distance behind a motorcycle because it can't always stop "on a dime."

When a motorcycle is in motion, see more than the motorcycle - see the person under the helmet, who could be your friend, neighbor, or relative.

If a driver crashes into a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian and causes serious injury, the driver would likely never forgive himself/herself.
When you see a motorcycle, think of it as more than a machine. The motorcycle has a rider who is someone's son, daughter, spouse or parent. Unlike other motorists protected by doors, roofs and airbags, motorcyclists have only their safety gear, and are at much greater risk from distracted or reckless drivers --

                  Robert "Han" Bishop (6-3-11)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Of the various ways I work with clients to connect them with Higher Guidance, the process I have found most useful, especially during initial sessions - is a channeled reading from their Akashic Records.
So, What Exactly Are The Akashic Records? 
The “Akashic Records” are the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. They contain the recording of each Soul's journey from its inception to the present, and point to possibilities for great spiritual development. 
The Akashic Field is referenced in most religions of the world sometimes by different names. For example, in the bible, it is referred to as the “Book of Life” 
With permission of the client, a Sacred Pathway Prayer is used to open their Records,

And Why Should You Care? 
In response to inquiries on any issue occurring in a client’s life, information from their personal Records is channeled with honor, integrity, and love, meant only to assist each of them in healing and in growing, both personally and spiritually. 
To a large extent, the client’s openness determines what happens during a session - questions asked determine the depth of response received.

All counsel given during a reading is completely confidential. 

Here are few client responses after receiving a reading:

Han's Akashic Record session was the most helpful psychic reading I've ever received. It came at a transition point in my life, giving me much needed clarity as to my direction and the next steps for getting there. Thank you so much, Han, for your valuable support. Mercedes Kirkel

Han's reading of my Akashic Records was poignant, concise and got to the heart of each and very question I asked. I completed the session with a clear sense of what to do now to move forward and ever upward. Han is truly a gifted Akashic reader. Lynn Kirkham

Han is a master at clearly seeing the Akashic Records, then interpreting them accurately and compassionately. His gifts assisted me through a "tight turn" in my personal growth. I am thankful he was there with his wisdom, warmth and clarity. Jan Cercone 

If you are interested in having an Akashic Reading with Han, please send an e-mail request to:


                        Robert "Han" Bishop, PhD s most powerful,