Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today is St Patrick’s Day, and it represents a New Beginning. 
Remembering and Practicing Who we Are prior to all that Arises in thought, feeling and experience. Being rather than Doing, Learning and Mastering the “Art of Doing Nothing”.
Relaxing into Grateful Knowing that where we are, who we are, what we’ve done and continue to do in this lifetime IS sufficient.
Yes, continue to work and serve creatively, appreciate luxury and beauty, desire fine things and rich experiences, but ONLY when rested in Being, knowing all is as it should be in this impermanent, changing and passing life experience.

No motorcycle, RV, river cruise, safari in Africa, or even a loving community of intimates and friends is “IT” unto itself,

We can only dance with the leprechauns and invoke true magic when we stay connected in Being with What is Greater than All that Is.

This Wondrous and Divine, but Easily Accessible Place (the Abode of the Gods) is Where we must Rest, especially when apparent difficulties arise. 

Anxiety, stress, fear, anger, or feeling that what we have and do is “not enough” inevitably arise in human life on Earth at present, and likely wherever “less than divine” life occurs in the manifest universe. 

But when we rise in this sacred place, all that creates worry and stress ceases to have meaning. 

Then, and only then, there is Nothing to Do but rest in our Being

Robert “Han” Bishop (3-17-15)